Yankee Belle


I'm Not A Nature Girl

But lil B is. She was so proud of the fish she caught. Daddy of course helped, but it was her catch none the less.

Hmmm...I see some solo time in my future. Father daughter bonding over fishing = mommy FREE!


Kelly said...

That's a good size fish! As a fellow girl who likes to fish, I am very impressed!

Kim said...

that fish is bigger than she is!! oh, you know what this means right?. . .if your hubby takes lil B fishing, then i'm sure jay will tag along with the mabster which then means peaceful layout time for us.

ohhh, this summer's going to be fantastic!

MommaDrool said...

This is The Husby's dream! He is hoping to gain at least one fishing buddy out of our two. Lil' B is too cute...great job! You might have to change her name to Lil' Angler!