Yankee Belle


No P in this OOL.

lil B is not wearing swim diapers this summer. Although she is not actually wearing big girl panties all the time, mostly because she does not want to not because she can't, she knows not to 'tee tee' or 'poo poo' in the pool.

While at the pool today, lil B climbs up the main steps from the pool, steps onto the pool deck and yells "Ma!? I need to tee tee. I do it right here?. Okay."

There was no time for me to react. No time to yell "No!" No time to rush her off - nothing. She drenched a dry spot of concrete and re-entered the swimming pool.

I was left standing there wondering what to do. No hose, no bucket, no real means to wash away urine. I felt mortified eyes burning a whole through me. I did the only thing I could...I scooped a few handfuls of pool water on the spot, and thanked God it was my kid's pee I would be stepping in and not some other kid's.

Hey - at least she knows not to P in the Pool.


Kim said...

that is too funny! wish i would have noticed when it happened, but your face was hilarious after the fact!

Kelly said...

This is a REALLY funny story...I think you handled it with a lot of dignity, considering the circumstances :>)!

Poodlehead said...

Pee is sterile. Nobody seems to know that so they freak out. It's cleaner than the water she peed in!