Yankee Belle


"How Rude!"

Nothing irks me more than rudeness. Having grown up in NYC, I was somewhat indifferent to rude folks. Now living in the south, being married to a southern man who went to school in what I consider to be the most southern state of all - South Carolina, I have become very intolerant of rude. Rudeness is a classless characteristic. My patience for rude is pretty much non-existent.

So to the one who is being rude right now - Kiss-a my ass-a.

Hmmm...I guess my blog still has a purpose. I feel better. =)


Kelly said...

Oooohh...very cryptic. Of course, now I'm dying to know what happened! What did the little girl from Full House do now?

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Who was rude? I will leave them a note :o)

Blue Momma said...

You are always so cryptic on your blog! Hell, it's really like a puzzle blog.

It sure leaves me puzzled.

Maybe if you were to drink too much on a Saturday afternoon you might spill it on who is rude.....

Just maybe.

Poodlehead said...

all right - you and Mommapeas are pissed off on the same day. Who dun it to y'all?

Princess Motormouth said...

I feel the same way about Rudness. It's just plain tacky, which is just as bad. You're a hoot, Yankee Belle!!!