Yankee Belle


They Are Always Watching.

lil B had a ponytail holder on her wrist. Proudly, she walks over to me and states "Like 'Random Mommy' does." I just smiled, and a little piece of my heart melted. My God sent fabulous friends are making impressions on my baby...err...big girl.

Now I am wondering what kind of impression I am making on my friends' kids?.

Note to self - for sure need to watch my mouth now. Not that I curse profusely, but I occasionally drop the 'f bomb' or some other inappropriate kid word.

I do not want to be the THAT MOM. F*&^...what if I am already!


Daphne said...

well I think other kids see me as the Mean Mom. I don't know what's worse, lol!

random_mommy said...

lil B melts me too! She's a sweetie. Just wait till I rub off some of my more-than-strange habits on her... it may not be so cute when you see her running from a bee screaming "Dear God NOOO!"

You curse? I hadn't noticed. ;)

I'm a Mom!..? said...

RM, I think YB has you beat in the screaming over bugs department. She scares me more than the actual bug!!!

Kim said...

well the mabster has been running around screaming "holy hell" and i know exactly who she got that from! =P

random_mommy said...

oh dear lord I am cracking up about the mabster screaming HOLY HELL!!!

HA! YB you are one in a million!

MommaDrool said...

So that's where The Fred learned that word! Just kidding...just kidding!

The Fred refers to you as "Miss Staci..the tall girl...B's mommy." She has to say it all together like I didin't figure out who she was talking about with her first clue : )