Yankee Belle


Boys & Num Nums

lil B about a year ago named the male genitalia 'num-num'. This name came to her as she curiously grabbed her boyfriend's 'frank and beans' while he had his diaper changed. Yes, lil B will tell you she has a boyfriend. The one and only Buddha.

Well, the other day I was on the phone and mentioned a certain male by his name. lil B stoped what she was doing and said "He is a num-num."

So, am I correct in assuming my innocent 2 & 1/2 year old lil girl properly used her child appropriate word to call this guy a dick?!

Good Lord...my days of sanity are numbered.


Valerie said...

The other day hubby came home complaining about someone and he wanted to call her a dyke but the girls were in the room so he just said, "you know, starts w/ a d." KJ my 8 year old looked at him and said, "do you mean a dick daddy??" Now I'll admit I throw the phrase "douchebag" around a lot but dick??? She definately learned that one from her father!!!

random_mommy said...

oh dear... I just hope Buddha is a strong man who can handle the lil B! She is a force to be reckoned with!

J said...

Hoo Ah! I definitely think that's what she meant. Maybe in her round about way. Geez I love her. She's like a little Kathy Griffin.

Kim said...

lil B is a woman who knows what she wants and gets it. if i were buddha, i'd give her what she wants.

Crazy in Alabama said...

Just wait till they get a little older! You have no idea. My 11 year old got a text from another 11 year old the other day that said...."I just gave you phone crabs, pass it on, but not back to me, I just got rid of them"

I completely flipped out, called her mom only to learn that 11 yo's dad was the one that sent it to her.

I was at a total loss and sort of still am...what do you do in these situations besides rip the rest of your graying hair out!