Yankee Belle


Hanging With The 'Rents

I find it humorous that when I am at my parents' house, I feel like a teenager again.

As I hang out in the den surfing the web, watching crap tv, I leave my parents to care for my child. Occasionally I visit the kitchen for a snack and hear how my child is into the hand lotion again, keeps turning the lights on and off, and is insisting she needs her 8th Oreo to lick the cream from the middle.

This morning lil B wanted to feed the birds. Pop Pop took her outside with a loaf of bread. She proceeded to throw the bread onto the driveway. The whole time Pop Pop yelling "No! No! In the grass! Throw to the grass!" One would have thought it had snowed.

The last time we visited, my 82 year old dad had my car packed up, running, warm, and facing the street the morning we were to go home. I hadn't even showered yet.

Hmmm...maybe I should consider moving home a few months out of the year. I get home cooked meals, my laundry is washed, and 24/7 child care. Although, it might kill Pop Pop.


random_mommy said...

I'm laughing at the thought of poor 82 yr old Pop Pop packing your car up and being ready for you and lil B to GET THE F OUT!

I'm laughing even harder at what they probably say once you two are out the door!!!

Kim said...

you know your mom and pop pop really do enjoy ya'll visiting, especially when it comes to time well spent with B. . .but i bet they give ya'll that extra nudge once ya'll walk out the door.

that must be why everybody always says that being a grandparent is the best. play with'em, and then send them home!

Kelly said...

I'm the same way with Miss Priss. I let my mother AND my mother-in-law take completely over...I like to see it as my gift to them.

Isn't funny how our parents never stop wanting taking care of us? My dad comes in, and before I even get a hug hello, he heads straight for my air conditioner. If we haven't changed the filters since his last visit, we then have to sit through an hour-long lecture on the necessity of changing the air conditioner filters.