Yankee Belle


Hey Baby.

One of the boys in Big B's class said to her: 'Hey Baby!' I asked what she said in reply. Big B claimed she looked at him but said nothing. Feeling like this was an opportunity to teach my lil girl some self respect, I mentioned: "You should have corrected him by saying 'It's "Hey Big B."'

Big B looked at me and said:

'No mom. He meant it like I was hot.'

Serenity now.


Never Forget.


WW - First Day of PreK.


First Day Jitters...NOT.

Big B has been anxiously awaiting the start of preschool and today was the big day. Last night went off with out a hitch. Everyone was in bed, at a decent time and happy. However, the sun did not rise without Big B waking twice to ask if it was time to go.

Morning was a different story tho. Big B asked if she could sleep 'just a little longer' when I finally did wake her. lil CJ was so tired, he walked into a wall & stood there. (Poor baby had a fever and did not sleep well thanks to a nasty ear infection.) And me, well I am not accustom to an alarm clock. I turned it off before realizing I had to get up.

Upon arriving at school, Big B said 'Hello' to her new teacher, took a picture, mumbled 'Goodbye', and walked off to play with her BFF Mabster.

Feeling a little neglected, I walked over and asked Big B for a hug goodbye. Without turning around to even acknowledge me, Big B said: "Bye Mom. You can go now."

lil CJ will be my kid that screams and clings to my ankles every day for the first month. One of my kids will me miss me...right?.


WW - Cowboy Baby.