Yankee Belle



So, there was an error. I realized it once I received them. I should have been more observant while ordering, but I wasn't. I could send them back, but they were all addressed and ready to go.

If you catch it, kudos to you. If not, I like you more. ;)

The Blahs.

I feel frumpy. The belly is growing, but not enough for a random person to think I am pregnant. So for now I look fat wearing oddly fitting clothes. It doesn't help that my hair stylist can't see me for 2 more weeks. I think my roots are longer than the rest of my hair now. And I won't even touch on the hormone acne. Out.Of.Control. I could be a connect the dots picture.

Pregnancy is not my thing. Maybe there is something to this surrogate mom thing...

Fattening Comfort.

Bring on the junk food. Why is it that now, while knocked up, I am craving pure crap food? Not to mention, it actually makes my tummy feel good. Dill pickle chips, biscuits, Milo's Tea, the list goes on. Never in my non-pregnant mind would I consider eating this stuff on a regular basis. Now, crap food has become a staple in my home. I would love to eat a carrot instead. But the mere thought of a carrot makes me want to vomit. An apple you say? I tried it, and that I did puke. The only - knock on wood - food I have puked thus far.

Good God I hope these prenatal vitamins work. My new baby might look like E.T. or something.


And Then There Were 4.

Another lil 'B' - Baby, is on the way! Today hubby and I got to hear his/her heartbeat - 154 bpm. As soon as we heard the grumbled sound of a heartbeat fill the dimly lit room, we both teared up. Life is amazing, and this new baby already has us wrapped around his/her barely there finger.

8 weeks along, and due the end of April. lil B is sure she is having a baby brother. We shall see.

His/Her first picture. Miraculous.

So Big.

First day of school.

Proud daddy escorting his lil pumpkin.

Meeting the teacher.

End of the day...wore the heck out.

And her first school project...melted my heart.