Yankee Belle


The Blahs.

I feel frumpy. The belly is growing, but not enough for a random person to think I am pregnant. So for now I look fat wearing oddly fitting clothes. It doesn't help that my hair stylist can't see me for 2 more weeks. I think my roots are longer than the rest of my hair now. And I won't even touch on the hormone acne. Out.Of.Control. I could be a connect the dots picture.

Pregnancy is not my thing. Maybe there is something to this surrogate mom thing...


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I'm sorry you feel frumpy :( But you're not - I know you are a beautiful preggers.

Kim said...

girl, don't worry about it. once the 2nd trimester comes along you will feel so much better about everything. i was the same way.

just remember, you are your biggest critic, and i think you look fabulous!