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Another One I Can't Resist.

I came accross this and just had to share. We all know that Obama gave his acceptance speech on the eve of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream". Now that in itself is a whole different blog, but I am not going there. WHat I am sharing is how Obama was trying to emulate the great Dr. King. But pay close attention to the bold statement at the bottom.

"This bite from the Obama speech last night. It's a montage of The Messiah talking about himself. This runs a minute 17 seconds. None of these I's -- I, I, I -- is repeated.

'OBAMA: I accept your nomination. I thank you. I am grateful... I love you. I am so proud... I stood before... That's why I stand here......... Tonight I say... I don't know about you... I'm not ready... I quote... Americans I know... I don't believe... I just think... I am standing here... I see... I think... I listen... I remember... I stood... I hear... I think... I could... I know... I don't know... I intend to... I am... I will stop... I will... I will... I will... I will... As president I will... I'll help... I'll make... I'll invest... Michelle and I... I'll recruit... I will... I want... I have laid out... I'll pay... I will... I'm ready... I stood up... I argued... I will never hesitate... I will only... I will end... I will rebuild... I will... I will... I will... I will... I will... I look forward... I will not... I love... I know... But I don't know... I know... I get it... I realize that I... I -- I -- I -- I believe... I've seen it... I've lived it... I've seen it... I've seen it... I've seen it... I make... I got news for you... This election has never been about me. It's about you!'"


Me, For The Record.

One of my good friends just asked why I am not on the 'Obama Train.' I don't normally do political debates or discussions with friends. These 'light hearted' talks usually end no where...with the same "agree to disagree". And inevitably, someone ends up being offended/hurt which puts a wedge in what is a wonderful friendship.

However, I feel it is only fair to myself to voice my opinions on my blog and allow those who want to know why given the opportunity. I am not looking for answers nor comments. This is my belief and my blog.

Reason numero 1:
Obama has NO experience. I would never let a surgeon with no previous experience operate on me. I am not a guinea pig. This is how I feel about Obama. Run my country? You are not qualified.

Reason numero 2:
We are in a post 9/11 world. Does anyone remember how many people died? The devastation, the destruction? I can not forget the lives that were lost and effected. I know some of the vicitims personally. Not to mention, I saw first hand the smoking piles of debris that contained the bodies of people - US citizens. People just like you and me - reduced to mere ash. Do you know who is hoping Obama gets elected to presidency? Osama bin Laden. Fidel Castro. DO you know why? They are anti-AMerican, hate filled murders. War mongers! What does that say about Obama and his international relations and national security? The people who hate us the most want Obama not for peace and unity, but for his ignorance. Obama has no idea how to protect the United States of America. His stand point is lax. Refer back to point numero 1.

Reason numero 3:
Has everyone forgotten the great Rev, Wright and his "God Damn America" colloquy?! Obama was an active participant in this chruch for 20 - TWENTY - years! Obama only disassociated himself from the this anti-American propaganda after it hit the headlines. Of course Obama went into 'save face' mode. Bla bla bla. Excuses, excuses.
ANd what about Michelle Obama and her infamous comment of now being proud to be an American?! What?! How can a possible first lady not have been proud of our great country? It is a blatant insult to us and our founding fathers.

Reason numero 4:
Infanticide. Definition: 1. the act of killing an infant. 2. the practice of killing newborn infants. 3. a person who kills an infant. Obama is in support of this. I am pro-life. I have a baby. I nurtured her in my womb for 9 months. She was alive inside me. As for rights as a woman, I have the right and choice to say 'No' to sex. Sex creates life. Obama believes in killing babies. Sick, inhumane, and a murderer. I could never vote for a person who believes in this.

Reason numero 5:
Obama's association with this man - William 'Bill' Ayers. Look him up.

I could go on and on. Obama wants 'Change.' His well coined but nothing new one word slogan. That's great. We all want to change something or another. His idea of change is filled with the word promise. But it is an empty promise because he has no idea how to change things. It is an insult to our intelligence as a nation. Show me his experience? SHow me his qualifications. Prove why he deserves this job? What is his proven track record? Oh wait - he has none. Bill & Hilary Clinton have been saying this since day one. Anyone can tell you why he/she would be great as President. Again, see reason numero 1.

When it comes to our country, I don't follow trends. Charisma is not the same as Character. I don't need Sweet Talk. I need a qualified leader to guide MY GREAT, NUMBER 1, Most Powerful, nation in the world. I am PROUD to be an American. Proud to be a Republican.

Obama - Osama - Oshama. Not for my country.

McCain picked a FABULOUS VP. Impeccable record. SHe is more qualified than Obama. Look at her EXPERIENCE. It speaks for itself. Too bad, so sad Obama didn't pick Hilary. He might have had a chance. If I were a Hilary supporter, I would be very offended. Obama knows Hilary is more qualified than himself. That is why Hilary is not on the Obama ticket.

Whew...this is the most I have blogged in a long a-s-s time. Back to watching Max & Ruby. No wonder, my brain hurts.

I Can't Resist.

Since it is so trendy and hip to have one of his 'Change' stickers, I figure I will follow along. Except with my own version.

I do my research too. Both sides, and I see the BS clearly.

LOL - this was great. It brought me out of my blog hiatus.

Blog Hiatus

Hellooooo - Is anybody out there?!

Sorry dear blog, but I have taken a liking to something that is more interactive and you my friend, have taken a back seat.

All the cool people are doing it, and I am a sucker for peer pressure. Not to mention, I like it.

Although I can't say my blog was ever anything of relevance; I am not that public of a person and think privacy is a dying concept I still cherish and value. My blog is far from an open diary. Just a small crack in a window with little bits of information I choose to share. I am not in search of web fame. I will leave that for the likes of Tila Tequila.

I'll be back...just don't hold your breath.

Hmmm...bets on my next blog post being tomorrow??? =P

To Commute Or Not To Commute, That Is The Question.

Why do Alabamans think that commuting anywhere outside their neighborhood is a big deal? I ask because not only have I heard that where I live is far - which technically is 10 minutes from the city, but I have never lived in a state where so many people appear to be shocked if you commute. Just today someone asked "You are driving to Homewood for lil B's school?"

I have always commuted. In NY, I rode the subway from Queens to Manhattan, in Atlanta & Nashville I drove across town for school, and even in small town Chattanooga, people drove from the city of Cleveland to dowtown for the schools, parks, etc. None of what I mentioned are 5 minute drives. I do realize that most of the big cities around Birmingham are pretty self sufficient where one would not need to leave, but I have never heard of people actually not leaving their city boundaries...

It seems strange to me....maybe I am the strange one. Or maybe some folks need to venture out of their bubble.

Once Upon A Time...

There were 2 sweet princesses that lived in the kingdom.

One day while out playing in the garden, they spotted the neighborhood pup, Biscuit.

He came to say 'hi' and frightened the fair maidens away.


Lost And Heartbroken.

For Mother's Day this year, lil B bought me a charm for my charm bracelet. Well, I now know the latch sucks. I lost the charm. Not only do I hate to lose things, I despise losing things that hold sentimental value. You see the charm said "Mom."

Ugh. Makes my stomach turn.

If anyone happens to come accross this:

I would love you forever and wish you great karma.

Sad Mommy.

The End Of Innocence.

I have always said 'I don't do politics'. I have witnessed too many discussions that resulted in heated debates when the origin was a simple discussion. But now, as a mom and an aging American (ACK - did that come out of my mouth?!) I am realizing the importance of politics, how it directly effects me, and how silence and ignorance deprives me of a fundamental right as a proud American. I do vote, I do claim a party, but I have refrained from being vocal. With an election around the corner, I feel the need to be more outwardly strong in my beliefs.

Of course, in the end I am a proud American and am thankful we have the choice to decide which government leadership we want. I just wish we had 2 candidates that were worth voting for. Once candidate acts more and more like a messiah, and another has tendencies that do not reflect the beliefs of his party.

So, If you see me on tv dancing around with signs and chanting something, be glad I have found my political self. Then hand me a beer and drag my a-s-s out of there. Thanks! =P

Is Resurrection An Option?

I think I might be a little like Alex P. Keaton...except my President was not a crook nor did he use cigars incorrectly, and actually made changes without all the unfounded hype.

Just sucks he is dead.

"Take Me To Another Place..."

I love hearing old songs that take me back to another time and place. It's amazing how that works. Kinda like perfume scents too. A certain smell can remind you of someone or something.

Today for me it was Shania Twian's 'Any Man of Mine.' I could have sworn it was 1995again. And I still know every word to the song.

(The post title is from Tennessee by Arrested Development. Another song I *heart*.)

Birds Of A Feather...

flock together. Old sayings obviously originated out of truth. The older I get, the more I realize how true it is. Of course, the 'birds' are not always exactly the same. There are some differences that make each one a unique. After all, who would want to hang out with her perfect self all day. I already know I get on my own nerves - sometimes.

Side note, my friend's bro is still in the 'know' with trends. He calls people 'birds'. Even slang originates from idioms.

Of course, the slang word 'birds' could already be old school.

Something Is Wrong Here.

I won't even touch on the bottle story. I think that has been brought up enough by the media. However, above is the mommy & child duo playing at a NYC park. Now for anyone who has never been to the Big Apple, yes it is in the north but the summers are still disgustingly hot. So why in the hell is she wearing this outfit?!

Straight Men Don't Know Hair.

Hubby went for a haircut. It did need a trim. A 'trim'.
This was before the cut:

(lil B had eaten an ice cream cone. Don't pay attention to the chocolate stained mouth.)

Today he paid $20.00 for this:

Baldness is not a hair trim. This is why he will never take lil B for a hair cut. Ever. $20.00...

Yap Yap Yap.

I feel like all I do - all day long - is talk talk talk.

"What do you want to eat?" "Do you have to tee-tee?" "Be careful." "No no." "Where are your shoes?" "What do you want to play?" "Don't throw the ball in the house." "Close the door." "What do you want to drink?"

I never thought it was possible, but I am actually sick of myself.

On another topic...why do I always miss a spot shaving my knee?. ALWAYS. Hmmm...does that make me a little bit 'crunchy'?! HA!