Yankee Belle


The End Of Innocence.

I have always said 'I don't do politics'. I have witnessed too many discussions that resulted in heated debates when the origin was a simple discussion. But now, as a mom and an aging American (ACK - did that come out of my mouth?!) I am realizing the importance of politics, how it directly effects me, and how silence and ignorance deprives me of a fundamental right as a proud American. I do vote, I do claim a party, but I have refrained from being vocal. With an election around the corner, I feel the need to be more outwardly strong in my beliefs.

Of course, in the end I am a proud American and am thankful we have the choice to decide which government leadership we want. I just wish we had 2 candidates that were worth voting for. Once candidate acts more and more like a messiah, and another has tendencies that do not reflect the beliefs of his party.

So, If you see me on tv dancing around with signs and chanting something, be glad I have found my political self. Then hand me a beer and drag my a-s-s out of there. Thanks! =P


Poodlehead said...

What the hell are you talking about "but I have refrained from being vocal"???