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I Was Tagged.

Write six random things about yourself (surprisingly hard to think of...).

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Here we go..

1. I am a tomboy. Always have been, always will be. If a boy can do it, I can too.

2. I met my husband on Match.com. I drove to B'ham the first night we chatted, and we eloped 3 months later. I was pregnant 5 months after we married. We had a whirlwind first year and barely knew each other.

3. I have a thing about teeth. Teeth are one of the first features I notice on a person. I met Jeff Gordon. He had bad bottom teeth. All that money - he should get them fixed.

4. I know a lot of people. Not stating this to brag, but I have lived in several different states/cities and have made some great friends that I keep in contact with.

5. I eat pretty healthy. I believe our bodies are like machines. If you fill it with crap it will perform crappy. I do eat some junk - like McDonalds, brownies, and yadda. You can't deprive yourself of man's great pleasures. No matter how much organic you eat, you will still die.

6. I love to travel. I am always going here, there, and everywhere. I love love love my home, but I believe life was meant to be lived and you need to get out and experience it. It makes for great memories. When I meet my maker, the first thing I will do is thank Him, for giving me what time I had to live what has thus far been - a fabulous life.

So that's it, things you were dying to know about me and my sorted past.... I'm tagging the following because I need to know more random things about you...