Yankee Belle


Lo Hacimos!

lil B poo poo'd in the potty for the first time ever. Proud mama promised her the world including a new toy and a bowl full of Raisinets as a reward.

One less crap filled diaper to change made my day!

I so would have taken a picture of this accomplishment, but I think a picture of feces would kill the blog moment.


Valerie said...

Congrats on the poop!
(Love the new layout!)

J said...

Yay! But thanks for leaving off the picture, although I understand the temptation (a little.)

Love your new layout!

Kelly said...

What a proud moment! Good for lil B!

I like the new layout too!

Kim said...

what, no poo pic for her future scrapbook to show off to her future boyfriend!? lol

good girl lil B!!

MommaDrool said...

Did you ever thing that you would be so happy to see poo?!