Yankee Belle


Yo DJ Lance

I got a request. Can Yo Gabba Gabba do an episode on how it's okay to sleep the entire night in your own bed? The song could be simple like "It's fun to sleep in your own bed all night... (like the 'It's fun to brush your teeth.) Or we could go with the "There's a party in your bed...so fun so fun..."(like the "Party In Your Tummy" song).

'Cause there sure as heck ain't no party in my bed. Although, my big belly wouldn't allow much partying even if lil B didn't appear at 3 am.


Anonymous said...

Bleh! Maybe she senses that Caden will be here soon so she is trying to soak up all of your attention?? Oh Lord, I hope it won't be a full house in ya'lls bed come May - good luck!

Poodlehead said...

I never let my kids sleep in my bed. Maybe that's why they don't. ;)

Valerie said...

The girls would come into our bed during thunderstorms, bad dreams, etc. Now, at 14 and 10, I love it when they come downstairs on a Saturday or Sunday morning and snuggle. KJ also likes to sleep w/ me when Chris is out of town. Now that she's in high school, T-bone and I have had some really, really good conversation sitting on my bed. We shut the door and just talk. She told me once that my bed is "neutral" territory.