Yankee Belle


The Good Life.

Many moons ago, I had one child. She took afternoon naps. These naps could last up to 3+ hours. I had 3 childless hours to do whatever I wanted with no interruptions. Laundry, clean, surf the web, watch tv, small projects, you name it. Sometimes, I even found myself bored.

Flash forward to another child later, those days are long...long gone. If one kid is asleep, the other is awake.

And of course, I have more projects I want to complete now that I have absolutely no free time. Instead of tearing down the ugly a-$-$ wallpaper that has adorned my dining room for far too long, I spend my days foolishly trying to maintain order in rooms. Picking up toys and straightening. Only to find it destroyed in less time than it took to clean it up. I do this everyday. All day. Endlessly.

To anyone who has one kid that still naps....enjoy this sacred time. Those days do not last forever.