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Princess Cupcakes & A Sleepover

While visiting Grandma this past weekend, Big B asked if her TN BFF could spend the night. I thought this was a great idea...since I could tag team watching the girls with my mom...aka - leave it all to her.

Grandma was just as thrilled, actually. She excitedly went to the store in search of all the junk a mother would not feed her child...let alone a child & a friend.

The big event that evening was making 'Princess Cupcakes.' A great birthday gift from Big B's twin friends Felix & Oscar. Minus the spilling of the flour, which lil C managed to crawl through at the exact time it hit the floor, it was a big success.
**Notice unhappy lil C. His fun was crawling thru the flour.

The cupcakes smelled delicious while baking. Uncle C was anxiously awaiting a cupcake, until I told him about the amount of saliva the girls added to the batter.

As the night wore on, I grew tired. I casually mentioned to my mom that I was going to lie down with lil C for bed. She assured me she could manage the girls.

They obviously had some fun with my camera.

During my slumber, I recall one of the girls coming to my room with a flashlight. I also recall some loud laughter and running thru the house around 10 pm, but it wasnt enough to warrant my parental presence. Per grandma...around midnight, she had finally had enough and made the girls go to sleep - with her in the bed.

At 7am the next morning, both girls and grandma were awake. Grandma told me I was back on duty with which she immediately returned to bed for 2 more hours.

Princesses are a lot of work. I still remember my million plus sleepovers...I bet Grandma remembers now too.



Kim said...

love it! especially the pic of grandma cleaning up the spilled flour on the floor. you know she loves ya'lls visits...but perhaps the departures more? :D glad to hear ya'll had a good time!