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History In The Making.

At last night's moms' night out, which was saturated in margarita conversations...I had an epiphany.

Having been in this great state of Alabama almost 6 years, I realized that I have a history here now. Besides my babies being born here, I have met and gotten to know some women that I now call good friends.

For almost 3+ years, we have experienced pregnancies, illnesses, deaths and more. Not only do we lunch, play bunco and all that fun stuff...we are a traveling group of friends. Our kids, despite not going to school together, know each other and beg for their next play date.

We started out just being moms with kids as the common denominator. Now we possess so much more. And even when we go for months at a time not seeing one another, when we do reconnect - it is if we never missed a day.

One never knows what the furture holds, but I am excitedly looking forward to all our future outings (birthday party anyone?!?!) and of course, our next traveling adventure in March.

Quanity and quality all in one. Could we be blessed with anything more?!

XOXO ladies - each & every one of you!!!

Bunco/White Elephant Party

New Orleans Baby!

Beach Babes



Kim said...


this is what life and friendships are all about. and i'm so glad i get to share it with these lovely ladies...and the crotchety old one too...


Heather S. said...

sniff,sniff. We love you too. I am honored to know each and every one of you! MUAH!

Anonymous said...

Loving the memories we've made and stoked about the ones to come. ATL better watch out - great company, southern cooking, live music, swinging penises, OH MY!! Love you, girls.