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Hair Done Did. Baby Done Gone.

I need to preface this post with the fact that I have hair attachment issues. I always have. Even a trim makes me cringe. It stems from my childhood, but that is a whole different post. And it is too late for hair therapy.

A couple months ago, the Mabster got her hair cut. It was S-U-P-E-R cute. So cute, lil B began asking about a hair cut like her BFF. It had been 2 years since lil B's first cut, which was merely a trim to remove the frazzled baby hair she had been born with. It was time.

Jump ahead to lil B sitting in the chair anxiously awaiting the big girl pampering. I instructed the hair dresser that I wanted her hair cut to a length between her chin & shoulder.

As she began to cut, my stomach churned. I could taste the vomit in my mouth. My baby's hair was long. Very long. I loved it. Pig tails, pony tails, braids, you name it. Her hair could do it. And it looked so stinking cute. But right before my eyes, with my permission, the girl began to cut. And cut. AND CUT. I had to sit down in the empty chair of death next to lil B to keep from passing out.

In the end, lil B was THRILLED! Me, not so much. Of course my lil B looks ADORABLE...but I see this grown up girl now. More the age of 8 than 4. Those little girl locks are gone. As if the baby went with the hair. Add to the fact that the girl also cut lil B's hair to her ear and not the length I requested, it hurt a little more.

I know, I know...hair grows back. And it will...It will. ;) But there was more that went with this cut. I feel like the last bit of what made my lil B a 'baby' was cut away today. Because of this, I feel like it is also time to graduate lil B from 'lil' to 'Big'. Big B...SHe is so big. My baby...errr...my big girl. *sigh*

The next hair cut tho....I will have some alcohol lubrication beforehand.

lil B

The Transformation

Big B & The Mabster



Kim said...

yup. that's the same lady that cut the mabster's hair...she definitely is scissors happy.

but all in all, your kid looks super cute! not only do they both rock the bob, but the peace signs as well. big B it is...i like it!!

Heather S. said...

Oh Wow!!! It looks REALLY good!!! I want to get Ava's cut so bad b/c it gets so stringy when it is long, but everytime I mention getting it cut short she bursts into tears. I won't force her though. Maybe I'll save her from hair attachment issues.: )

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love it!!! She is so cute.