Yankee Belle


I'm Baaaaack.

Or at least I think I will try to be. I got a pretty new pink laptop, so blogging shouldn't take me an hour like it use to on my old slow a.s.s desktop. It's crazy how liberating a laptop is. I suggest everyone get one. I know I know, everyone had gotten one but me. "I got a new drug..." (I loved Huey Lewis back in the day btw.)

To my few loyal readers who shoot me emails to laugh along with my a.s.s. (you are laughing with me right?!) - I'm here.

'Blog' ya around!


momx2 said...

OOH Im jealous. I have a crappy dell laptop thats missing keys and a almost new desktop...but I want a PINK mac!!! I am selling 31 for that sole purpose. hehe

Kim said...

laptops are the bomb. yours is the mother of all bombs because it is pink!

welcome to the world of nighttime computing while in your bed, it's just fabulous!

Poodlehead said...

I just moved into techno world front and center with a Crackberry.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to stumble upon your blog through Lacy's blog...we used to be in a moms club together. I see you are from NYC ...I grew up in Westchester but now live in AL. It's not often I meet yankees ...you can email me at margaritagirl817@aol.com.