Yankee Belle


North Pole, Alabama.

lil B and I went to a Christmas craft show this past weekend. Santa also happen to be there for pictures. As soon as lil B spotted him, she excitedly yelled "Hi Santa!" And with that turned to me and seriously asked "Is this the North Pole mommy?"

For a split second, I wished it was for her.


Kelly said...

Sounds like she's feeling better. Glad to hear it!

Kim said...

i love this story. i think we need to buy a snow machine and make the north pole in your back yard...how fun would that be!?

Heather S. said...

Bless her heart. That is so cute!

Amber B. said...

Aw. I love it when kids say adorable things like that.

Blue Momma said...

Very cute!

Oh, and I must say, leave it to a city girl to actually post graffiti in the sidebar of her blog!