Yankee Belle


It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

A local radio station has begun playing Christmas music. Although it is still a bit premature, I am already excited!!! I love love love the holiday season. Family, friends, food, you name it - the holiday season has it. The only bummer this holiday - my beloved eggnog beverage will be Southern Comfort-less. Being knocked up has some disadvantages. This is definitely one.

Now if Mother Nature would cool us down to a nice balmy holiday temperature... Last I checked, I don't live in Florida.


jaydoug said...

don't worry, me and Mitchelle will drink enough eggnog for everyone :)

Kim said...

i hate eggnog (gasp), but i will drink some "oatmeal cookie" shots for you instead.

also, i listened to some christmas music on the way home today. it really does make your heart feel good. i loves me some holidays!