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Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

lil B and I had a mommy daughter date Saturday night. It consisted of dinner with friends and a great Christmas show put on by a local University. lil B despite being napless, was amazing. My 3 year old acted more like a 13 year old. All grown up and dare I say...sweetly perfect. (Of course all the girls that night did too!)

What melted my heart the most was at the show, lil B insisted on sitting with her friends. So there in the middle of a long row, sat my 3 year old 'baby'. Completely attentive to the show - not needing mommy at all. One time I checked on her and she actually told me to return to my seat.

I love that my baby is independent, and I am obviously doing something right thus far...but at 3?! I thought this happened around 10ish.

Kids today do grow up way too fast! (Crap - now I sound like my Grandmother.)

Of course, the night would not have been complete with out some boys. Leave it to The Fred & lil B. They make their mamas proud and are going to make their daddies sweat. =)


MommaDrool said...

Those two could have talked their ears off ; ) Should we start worrying already???

Kim said...

looks like the fred and lil B have good taste in men...that guy's hair is fratastic! work, work it girls!