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The 1st Tooth Is The Deepest

Big B finally lost her 1st tooth tonight. It had been loose for weeks, but the past few days it was literally hanging on by a thread. (lil CJ has heard so much about this loose tooth, that he too walks around telling people he has a loose tooth and asks if they would like to see it.)

After some persuasion, Big B allowed me to push on it. The tooth literally popped out of her mouth. She was beyond ecstatic. Big B has been dreaming of this moment for the better part of a year.

Today was finally her day.

We took a million pictures of her posing with said tooth along with the tooth fairy pillow I used when I was little.

I asked her how much she thought the tooth fairy would bring for the 1st tooth. She quickly replied: "It is worth $100!!!" I let her know that other moms had told me $5.00 was the going rate. Although, deep down that 1st tooth is worth so much more to me. *sigh

Life is on warp speed...



Unknown said...

1st Tooth!!!! SO EXCITING!

Congrats on another milestone :)