Yankee Belle


November is Diabetes Awareness Month

DIABETES isn't pink or sexy. It doesn't involve boobs or cute shirts.

It's about 3 am blood checks every night, needles, low blood sugars, high blood sugars, counting carbohydrates, and the smell of insulin on your hands .

It's about the constant fear of hypoglycemia OR hyperglycemia. The constant need to plan every small activity due to the impacts on blood and sugar control.

It's about a child learning to cope with not being invited to sleepovers or play dates.

It's about mountains of medical appointments, scans, blood tests, and terrifying results. It's about having a complete pharmacy in your handbag for all emergencies.

It's about listening to misinformed people say things like "You are lucky it's only diabetes," or "If he/she eats the right things he will grow out of it."

It's about the heartbreak when your child is diagnosed.

It's about watching them sleep at night and hoping that they wake in the morning.

It's about wishing it was you and not them.

It's about waiting for a cure...