Yankee Belle


New Orleans - Mommy Style

There is nothing more refreshing than a trip with great friends to a fabulous city. Not only was I surrounded by great company, but I also experienced my first ever full body massage. Lord Jesus Almighty...I am sold. Once you go massage, you never go back.

We have officially started a moms only traveling group. This past trip will be hard to beat. It f'n rocked. I'm laughing about so much shiat as I sit here typing this. Im leaving Kimtastic to record all the details tho. I'm lazy.

In the words of MusicMama "I want to travel with you bitches until I'm 80 something!"

'S' I'll meet you at the snow cone shop with a small jigger of rum. I think I'm dt-ing from my lack of banana daiquiris.

'H' so glad you got nailed in the a-s-s and it wasnt me.

Great times ladies, great times!!!! Thank you Sooooooooooooooooo much 'S'!!!!!!



Kim said...

good times, indeed!!

SO...when's our next massage? i'll take one for the team if i have to. :)