Yankee Belle


Watch Out World.

After several discussions about piercing her ears and one failed attempt - she chickened out at the last minute, - lil B awoke Thursday, October 1st determined that was the day. As the afternoon drifted on, and the persistent begging began to wear on my nerves, we headed over to Claire's.

lil B and I selected a pretty pair of blue sapphire studs. We both agreed they complimented her eyes perfectly. Plus, the blue stood out as if screaming "LOOK - MY EARS ARE PIERCED!!!" - Exactly what she wanted.

I decided to browse the shop while waiting for the manager. As my eyes crossed & rolled from the endless isles of tacky teeny bopper crap, I realized lil B was not behind me. I called out her name and quickly heard a stern "Im sitting in the chair waiting."

'Holy hell!!' was all I could think. My soon-to-be 4 year old had climbed up the tall chair and was patiently awaiting something that makes some 10 year olds cry. (I've witnessed the tears.)

The whole process went flawlessly. lil B neither whimpered nor flinched. I can not say the same for me. My heart melted a little, as lil B did not even want to hold my hand. She said she could do it all by herself. And there right before my very eyes, I witnessed one of her first true independent acts. A coming of age if you will. The look of triumph was radiating from her face. The look of pride radiating from mine.

I now know if my baby sets her mind to something, she will do it. I can only imagine what her future holds.

I'm just thankful she still needs her mama in the middle of the night - like during thunder storms. Granted,I send hubby to her room, but still... ;)