Yankee Belle


Got A Girlfriend?

lil B loves playing with our neighbor boy. He is 6. Sweet little guy. The 2 of them play really well.

While sitting on the front porch Thursday, neighbor boy came over to chat with lil B & me. I asked him how school was that day and yadda. I then asked how his girlfriend was. He told me he didn't see her because she attends a different school. Inquisitive, I looked at him and asked: 'What about lil B being your girlfriend?' lil B looked at me and said 'Gross!' And he quickly replied 'She's 4!'

There is humor all over this post. The fact that I put my baby on the spot and she reacted like a teenager...because I know she adores said neighbor boy. The fact that neighbor boy thinks lil B is way too young for him....all 2 years. And the fact that they both beg to play with each other on a daily basis yet calling each other boyfriend-girlfriend is out of the question.

However, their secret love affair ended this evening when neighbor boy accidentally broke lil B's shopping cart.

Ah, young love.


Kim said...

hehehe...soon he will be sneaking through her window dawson's creek style. better get ready!