Yankee Belle



Every year folks come up with resolutions they hope to keep and fulfill in the new year. I too am like this, but the one I want to share is my personal effort to be more involved in life and its' daily gifts. This for me means less time on the computer.

So if you want to know what is goign on with me, call me. Let's get together. Let's make memories instead of emails. Of course I am not going to completely ignore the wonderful world that Mr. Al Gore created for us. I will be around.

Happy New Year to all!

Got to run...life is calling.


Blue Momma said...

I took a little computer vacation the past few days and it was actually kind of nice. Sure made the kid and the hubby happy.

Now, though, I feel so out of the loop, not knowing via facebook what everyone was doing every five minutes! But I'm with you, I will definitely be cutting back this year, spending more time with family, on school, etc.

Happy New Year!!

Kim said...

this post is perfect and i feel the same way. i'm just glad i have your number on speed dial. and btw, are ya'll home yet!?! =P

oh, and ditto on BM comment...i haven't been on the FB in quite awhile too. going now to check it out...LOL

Anonymous said...

Some days I'll play on the computer and by the time I look up 2 hours have passed - holyhell, how did that happen?! Then I get mad at myself and won't get on for another 3 days. It's also a damn good thing we can't access FB at work - my patients would be coding left and right! I have definitely limited my computer time the past 2months. I'm not going to lie, though, everyone does need a little fix every now and then. ;)
Glad ya'll are back home!
~ Karla