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Boys Will Be Boys

I've read all about how kids are gender conditioned by their parents at birth. "Boys like cars; girls like baby dolls." And of course when I found out I was having a boy, I loaded up on what boys are suppose to like. Cars, balls, trains...all those stereotypical toys. Big B already had the house well stocked with all things girly. So should my son prefer girl toys, he would have a vast selection of those as well.

From day one, lil CJ has preferred 'boy' toys. There are times when he will sit and play with Big B's doll house or push around her baby stroller, but for the most part, lil CJ prefers knocking down blocks, setting up train tracks...or playing basketball.

Even when we are outside, lil CJ is attracted to anything that can and will result in being dirty. While Big B gasps in disgust at her lil bro's mess, lil CJ basks in his dirty glory.

Enjoying a warm spring day outdoors, lil CJ found a hole worth digging in. I allowed him to play and do what boys do best. Make a mess. The whole time thinking....tonight - like last night - will be a bath night.

It has finally dawned on me, that little boys never grow out of this dirty phase. My hubby is proof. =P



A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Yes - when it is warm enough to play outside in the dirt every night becomes bath night. Lincoln LOVES dirt!

I cannot get over how fast CJ is growing up - didn't you just have him?!?