Yankee Belle


Questions, Questions, Everywhere Questions.

1. Why does the water go down the drain? Why does it make that swirly thing at the bottom?

2. How do we breath air?

3. Why is the grass green? How does it grow so much?

4. Why do our eyes look at stuff?

5. Who came up with toilet paper?

6. How do people know to stop on a red light?

Big B incessantly asks questions. I'm so thankful she has a thirst for knowledge and wants to learn. But some days, my brain is not prepared. I try my best to answer her, but my answers always provoke a new question. Hubby is pretty good about answering, but even he tires.

I hope I am not stifling her curiosity, but some days I just flat out tell her:

"No more questions. Mommy's brain hurts." Which is followed by:

"How can a brain hurt?"

Serenity now.



A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

"how can a brain hurt?" -
That cracked me up!!!