Yankee Belle


Stuttering Stttacy Stuttering Stttacy

I don't know what my deal is. Ever since I had little B, I can't seem to spit out the words in my mouth. They literally get to the tip of my tongue, and I find myself tripping over them.

Today for instance, I could not say 'Pediatric'. Simple...4 syllable word...and I...like a dumb a-s-s froze every time. It pisses me off.

When I was younger, I intentionally subjected myself to public speaking situations. I would get so nervous, I actually gasped for air. But I knew, with practice and perseverance, I would improve. I took classes in high school and college that taught effective communication skills. I practiced counting my 'um's & ah's'. I became a lector at church and read from the pulpit on Sundays. I acted in plays, gave speeches in classes, and later in my career days, I held new hire orientation and training classes in which I talked for hours straight.

Is this a symptom of mommy hood no one informed me of??? This inability to effectively articulate my thoughts makes me sound like a babbling imbecile. I tell you, I can speak - quite well actually...just not lll-aatt-ely.

I think I will take up sign language or become a mime. Either way, I might have a better chance of having more intelligible conversations.

Hmmm...in retrospect...I never seem to fumble on my bad words.


J said...

Do not worry darling, I not only stutter now, but I seem to repeat myself. Like my brain doesn't register that I've already said it. very weird. Oh, and I just space out in the middle of a sentence - what is that about? Anyway, I don't think we'll get our p's and q's in order until kids are in college.