Yankee Belle


The Drive By Pick-Up

While driving home this afternoon from a day at the pool, I notice a car riding in unison with me. I look to my right, and it is this old, gap toothed, poorly groomed God forsaken man. He is smiling and mouthing something at me. I quickly refocus on the road. I begin thinking to myself - being the mommy that I am, "What if little B's door isn't closed all the way? Or what if I left omething on top of the roof?" Despite my better judgement, I once again look to my right. Mr. Desperately Pathetic is all smiles. I can see his tonsils through the missing teeth. I flick him the bird.

Not only was he God's gift to shows like 'The Swan', but he was in some beat up 1980's bucket of a car.

This only makes me wonder...do I look like his type?!!


J said...

ugh, cringe. Good on the finger. Tell chester to hit the road. As IF!

random_mommy said...

I'm too busy laughing at mommapeas's comment... AS IF!!! Someone watched Clueless a tad much!! hehehehe