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The 'No!' Heard Around Birmingham.

lil CJ has had a verbal explosion in the past few weeks. New words, 2 word sentences and lots of attempts at new words. Already having Big B who talks nonstop, I have not been very anxious for him to talk. But hearing his new words and witnessing his excitement melts my heart.

WHen lil CJ wants to say 'no', he shakes his head. I've been very content with his nonverbal gesture. All of that came to a screeching halt today at Ms. Mandy's Valentine's play date.

While informing him of his impending diaper change, lil CJ looked at me and with a confident voice belted out a loud and clear 'NO!' My heart skipped a beat. It was his first official spoken 'No!'

It has been his answer to everything all.day.long.

I'm wondering which sweet little angel of my beloved friends taught him this God forsaken word. =P



A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

LL has yet to 'say' the word no - for now, I am okay with just the head nod :)