Yankee Belle


You Say 'Binky'; I Say 'Pacy'.

Hubby & I have always called Big B & lil CJ's pacifier a 'pacy'. However, both kids renamed it something different.

Big B called her pacy 'Pita~Pita';

While lil CJ calls his 'Nan~ya'.

No rhyme or reason for either. The only thing I know is I have always kept an ample supple on hand, yet none can be found when it is time for nap/bed.

And as for sweet baby babble, Big B's was 'Galla Galla' and lil CJ's is 'A gig-a-wah'.

I guess it's like me calling athletic shoes 'sneakers' & hubby calling them 'tennis shoes.' However, hubby has finally succumbed to the yankee side.

We are a 'sneaker' household.