Yankee Belle


Trick Or Treat Because I Know You're Home.

Halloween fell on Sunday this year. To take full advantage of the festivities, we celebrated all weekend.

Saturday, we trick or treated with the boyfriend in our 'hood. Big B was thrilled to death. My lil witch went from house to house alongside a ninja (with a 5 o'clock shadow) & Mickey Mouse. Afterwards, we headed on over to the bffs to party in their neighborhood. More trick or treating, hay rides and yummy eats. There was also some football on the big screen warmed by a fire pit.

Sunday, Big B, lil CJ and I headed to Nashville to trick or treat with Uncle C & Grandma. We went to a few houses, but Big B decided handing out the candy would be more fun. Grandma told Big B, that whatever candy was left at the end of the night, she could keep. Needless to say, every trick or treater received ONE piece of candy from Grandma's house.

Hubby had to stay behind in B'ham and work an open house. To make it fun, he dressed as Darth Vader.

The highlight of the weekend, the boyfriend walked up to the front door of a house, rang the door bell and waited. No one came. He peered through the door glass and could tell the owners were home. He yelled:

"I know you are in there! Your tv is on!"



Valerie said...

I've been behind on my blogging too but I LOVE the pics of your little girl's 1st day of pre-K! What cute school bags (love the bows!). You look awesome in the photo w/ Holly Madison!

*Yankee Belle* said...

Thank ya Thank ya! And I thought it came out good too - so I had to brag a bit with the pic. ;)