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Mr. Wang Speak Truth

Lil CJ and I accompanied Grandsie, Granny, and Daddy to lunch at Mr. Wangs. lil CJ was acting like a typical 2yo. He didn't want to sit at the table, so instead he sat pouting on the steps leading to the lunch buffet.

Mr. Wang approached lil CJ and tried to talk to him. He offered lil CJ a lollipop (I cringed, but thankfully lil CJ declined it.) After not making any progress, Mr. Wang looked up and yelled at us in his Chinese accent:

"How old he??? 2?? 3???"

I replied back: "2! And a mess!"

Mr Wang: "Yes! I have one also! I can tell he same age."

I yelled back jokingly: "Do you want another?!"

Mr. Wang without a second of hesitation, in the middle of his restaurant's lunch rush, in a very loud voice hollered back:


I love Mr. Wang and will forever be a loyal patron of his establishment.



Kim said...

bwah, hahaha!!! we use to eat at mr. wang's religiously when in high school. the man is a hoot!!

Unknown said...

I'll take a 2 year old over a 3 year old any day! If I still had a 3 year old, I'd be happy to trade!

*Yankee Belle* said...

Kudos to you mama! And I totally 'soda-hover' too!!! lol