Yankee Belle


To the floor you go.

Where and how did my child learn that when she is through with something she should just throw it on the floor? Done with the sippy cup - throw it on the floor. Snack bowl empty - throw it on the floor. Empty box of raisins - throw it on the floor. Finished brushing teeth - attempt to throw it on the floor. It is not a careless toss either, it is a very deliberate abandonment. I can not even begin to count the number of times a day I repeatedly say "Put it on the table."

Is this a predisposition we have as humans ? Some primitive instinct?

Unless, when mommy is away and daddy is in charge, a secret retaliatory throwing party takes place. Hmm...that might explain hubby's socks in random places.


I'm a Mom!..? said...

Young and carefree --- with absolutely no regard to how much time and effort we put into cleaning..

To be honest, I wish sometimes I could just throw stuff on the ground and have someone else pick it up for me.. ahhhh to be a Toddler again!