Yankee Belle


Oh I am so Lost...

I am a Lost junky. I was/am in love with Jack. Hubby and I started watching when it first debuted. We were quickly hooked. After a year and a half of ritual Wednesday night viewings, we both started to lose interest. It just seemed to be draggggg-ing on-nnn. The night little B was born, I tried to watch an episode, but my epidural kicked in and I was too busy enjoying the high of a pain free birth. It was the beginning of what I thought was the end of the road for Jack and me. I had a new baby. I didnt need to worry about him and if he would ever return to the real world.

But, after tonight's episode, I am feeling all mushy inside for him again. The Jack drug is back. I am a relapsing addict.

I NEED A QUICK FIX! Waiting till next season is going to suck.


I'm a Mom!..? said...

There is just something about "Jack" -- although Sawyer isn't so bad either!!! I'll take both please!

J said...

I'll for one take a big, heaping plate of Sawyer - and you can't have any!