Yankee Belle


The Day After

Does insomnia come with old age? I woke up this morning at 4:45am. It is against my religion to get out of bed before 7 am.

Yesterday was a fan-tabulous day! Of course being my birthday I would not expect anything less. I spent the morning shopping with lil B. Then spent the afternoon shopping on the Internet. Got a kick a-s-s birthday present from hubby and lil B. Blew out my candles on a delicious ice cream cake. (YUM! My fav!!!) And then headed to dinner with my favorite 'bitches'.

Dinner was perfect! Great conversation, great food (I am praying MommaPeas is okay this morning,) and great adult beverages. These are some highlights...

1. The waiter had whiter teeth than me. On my birthday, this is unacceptable.
2. Everyone that could consume alcohol, did. First time ever I think!
3. We need to meet Random Mom's MIL.
4. We all dressed up and looked super cute.
5. It wasn't a Bell Bottom's night.
6. Kimtastic had to listen to me talk the ENTIRE ride home.
7. Non-Lucid Drivel is my enabler. ;)
8. I will never forget MommaPea's birthday. Unless election day changes.
9. Certain sexual acts are only discussed amongst great friends.
10. I'm A Mom! is still OLDER than me!!!

Of course I can not forget to mention my AWESOME birthday gift from the ladies:

(I am now on the hunt for Mario Paint. I want to paint each of them a Thank You.)

Upon returning home, lil B was thrilled to see a singing birthday card. It was played over and over..."Woogie Woogie"

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Next Monday, we do it all over again! ;)


Kim said...

my favorite conversation of the night was when we were talking about a certain sexual act. . .i told hubby about it once i got home, and he kept quizzing me the whole night. too funny!

oh, and i love listening to you ramble. i'm ready to do it again!!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Older and wiser!!! :o)

J said...

Well, another stellar evening with you bitches. Wonderful times. Wonderful discussions - with images that I'll never get out of my head. I was fine this morning :)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I had a wonderful day for your birthday so it all worked out for me :) xoxo