Yankee Belle


He Is The Reason Why.

I started an outreach group in Birmingham to connect with others struggling with diabetes. Diabetes is not just a simple prick of the finger and a shot of insulin. It is the daily management of an almost impossible blood sugar target. It is math problems and calculations that one mistake could send a type 1 diabetic into a seizure, coma, or death. A diabetic could be doing hunky dory all day, and then within moments be unconscious. I am basically an Endocrinologist without the paper to prove it.

Tonight I asked lil CJ why he wore a pump. He said:

"To get 'insuwin' after I eat snacks. Brookwyn doesn't have a pump. But Kelsi does.'

My heart absolutely melted. This is the real reason why I started an outreach group.

God does not give us anything we can not handle. These 2 babies are proof.