Yankee Belle


11 Secrets Women Keep

1. Everything a woman buys for herself -- from shoes to skirts and even shampoo -- really costs 20 percent more than she tells you.

2. She actually thinks about sex -- with you -- a lot. (It's just that by the end of the day she's too tired to do anything about it.)

3. She is just as nervous about commitment as you are.

4. She may be modern and independent, but she still wants you to be "the man."

5. Her ex-boyfriends were not completely terrible in bed.

6. She is scared that she'll turn into her mother. (So the worst insult you can throw at the woman you love is, "You're acting just like your mother.")

7. She wants you to be jealous -- but just a little bit.

8. Yes, she fantasizes about hot celebrity guys, but that doesn't mean she wants you to be one of them.

9. She tells her girlfriends more than she will ever admit to you (but less than you fear).

10. She really does notice and appreciate all the chores you do.

11. She loves you with all her heart, but she still gets wistful about the fact that she'll never feel that falling-in-love sizzle and spark again.


Blue Momma said...

Could you please explain all of these to my hubby? He only seems to believe things if told by someone else...

Anonymous said...

A-freaking-men to number 2, girl!