Yankee Belle


Knock knock...

Me: "Who is it?" Her: "Your past."

Having spent last week in my old 'hood, I saw some old and very familiar faces. It is amazing how life takes us in different directions. Places I could NEVER have imagined any of us going. Then to top it all off, I stumble across my first love.

It sounds silly to think I felt butterflies in my tummy when I saw his picture. It was so long ago that I 'knew' him. But, there is something about that first love that you hold with you forever. Innocent love, fresh and young. Of course, my love for my husband is far more vibrant and fulfilling than any love I have encountered or could want, but memories of the first time are - sweet and comforting. A time long gone, but not forgotten.

It has been 18 years since I first fell in 'love'. Although if you count my childhood crush on Keith...

"Mama...Mama...???" Got to run...the present is calling.