Yankee Belle


Sour Dreams

Pregnancy dreams stink. I'm tired. I go to bed at a very decent hour. I have plenty of time to relax and enjoy my slumber. My brain has different ideas tho. All I can say is WTH is up??!!

Do I look like I would own a Chinese Restaurant and want to play a video game in the corner of it?!!!!!

On that note, 10 weeks left. Holy hell....where does the time go. This pregnancy really is zipping by...except at night. =P


Heather S. said...

I know! Mine is flying by too. I'm getting a bit freaked about bringing home a 3rd. :0

Kelly said...

LOL! What could that dream possibly mean?!

Gosh, I didn't realize you were as far along as you are. You look great!

Kim said...

too much nintendo ds2, no? =P

i can't believe all you preggo mommas are about to pop! it feels like just yesterday when everyone found out what they were having. eek, it is super exciting!!

Poodlehead said...

pregnancy pains while sleeping - aching back, stiffness, etc - made me go out and spent $2500 on a dial a number mattress. It's powerful stuff.