Yankee Belle


The Worst Invention Ever...

Is the digital camera. I am so far behind on developing pictures, I don't think I will ever catch up. I remember the good ol' days of 35mm. (I now can relate to old people and their lingo.) You took a picture and what you got was what you got. If someone blinked, you had no idea until the pictures were in your hands. Today, you have 15 of the same picture or a slight variation of it. Sure, one only has to pick and chose which picture is worthy of developing...but there are now 100+ of an event as opposed to the oh so easy 24 exposure roll.

Do they still develop 35mm film? I am considering using my old school camera...if that dinosaur still works.


Poodlehead said...

I completely get this. I think the exact same thing. And not only do you have the 5x as many pics, you have picture snobs (I'm one of them) who want to see the pic you just took to see if it's flattering. They never are.

Kim said...

i second everything poodlehead just said...and ya'll know how bad i am about my pics! =P