Yankee Belle


Make-Up Required.

lil B and I headed to Target last night to pick up a few items. lil B excitedly said she would dress herself. (She has become Miss independent lately and prefers to dress herself. However, she has not mastered the finer points of style...like matching.) I noticed her ill attempt to coordinate, but figured it was one battle I did not want to fight this particular night. Besides, it was just Target.

Once in Target, I realized lil B's shirt was not only on inside out, but it was also backwards. Add this to the fact that her shirt did not match her pants...we were quite a sight.

Heading to check out, we ran into my tri-inke. Tita K noticed lil B's eyes looked purple. I mentioned lil B had not been feeling well, and that was probably the culprit. But as I looked closer, I noticed how purple her eyes did look. I asked her if she put on make-up before we left. Yes, indeed she had.

In the car, lil B informed me one should not leave the house without make-up. Not sure where that came from, but I think we have other things to worry about than makeup...

...like making sure our shirts are not on inside out.


Anonymous said...

She's SO stinkin cute!! I adore her independence and creativity. Always a pleasure running into you guys!