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RP @ 'Bye Bye Baby...I'm gonna miss you so...'

Like a ReTweet but a RePost. I was reading some of my old blog posts, and this one made my heart skip a beat.

'Bye Bye Baby...I'm gonna miss you so...'
Posted by *Yankee Belle* / 4:31 PM / Jun 2007

I put away little B's high chair today. She now insists on sitting at the table in her booster seat. Of course she selected the chair that was her daddy's throne. However, he relinquished the rights to his precious little - food throwing - angel.

I have mixed feelings about stowing away this enormous non-space saving piece of furniture. It is an obvious sign that my baby is quickly growing out of her baby'ness. A stage that I thought was suppose to feel like an eternity.

But along with the sadness, I equally and excitedly embrace the idea that someday this chair will return to my kitchen. It is not a final farewell.

I just hope when I do bid adieu to all of the baby apparatus that currently clutters my home, it will be with sentiments of accomplishment, fondness, and love for times cherished.

Lord knows...I am not at that point yet.