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Driving Ms. BFFs

WHile driving Big B & the Mabster to gymnastics yesterday, Big B asked Mabster "How did you get your hair so straight?" Mabster replied:

"I got a haircut."

Big B: "ANother one?"

Mabster: "Yes."

Big B: "Did you get glitter?"

Mabster: "Not this time. It was too glittery."

Big B: "Yeah, the tattoo on the cheek was better."

Mabster: "Yeah, that was good."

Beauty tips and suggestions between 4 year olds. Classic.



A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That is so cute!!

Kim said...

omgeeze, that is awesome. i love hearing these surprise stories on your blog...especially when my kid is involved.

i am almost tempted to cut and paste it onto mine just so it will never be forgotten. LOVE.IT.

Valerie said...

Omygod! I love it! Isn't it great when you overhear absolutely adorable kids convo's???