Yankee Belle


Mental Snapshot.

Spring has sprung in Bama. And with it has come the most divine evening weather. This time of year is one of the reasons why I love the south.

Tonight, like the past few nights, we played outside. No bugs and a comfy temperature can lure me out easily. (I despise insects.) Neighbor boy, aka Big B's boyfriend, came over to play. Daddy at Big B's request, turned on his stereo and played her favorite song - 'Party In The USA'.

Big B danced wistfully. The Boyfriend bounced on my over sized yoga ball - which has now become a yard toy. lil C tootled around with his walker...wearing his pride on his face. (He loves being able to semi-keep up with his sister now.) Hubby fiddled with some fishing stuff on his boat.

ANd there I saw, what was...one of those perfect moments in time. Everyone was happy. Everything was right. I wanted to take a picture of that exact moment, but alas Kimtastic was not present to document the moment for me. ;) Instead, I took a still picture in my mind. A mental snapshot of pure bliss.

Of course, this blog entry is also a way for me to remember that moment too. This old age thing is really starting to do a number on the old noggin. Or maybe it is the wine.

A side note to this post: The Boyfriend (whose parents are great people, but non-drinking Baptists) asked me as I sipped my glass of merlot, if I drank wine to get drunk. I smiled at him and said 'No. I enjoy the taste.' But for a second I wanted to answer 'Well, sometimes. But not tonight."