Yankee Belle


Grief and All Its Reminders.

Today was one of those days that I babbled, stuttered and just couldn't find the right words. Nothing I could say would help ease the pain. I left hoping my meal and genuine embrace said what my brain/heart/mouth could not put into words.

My father passed away 4 months ago. And today I felt that empty pit of grief rear its ugly head again. Of course the death of my well aged father does not compare to that of a child, but the concept of how final it is remains the same.

Every now and again, I am reminded of how I will never hear my dad call my name in his rich NY/Dutch accent. I will never hear his slippers brush along the floor, nor hear his satisfied 'Ahh' after opening a chilled can of Miller Lite beer.

And this is one of the reasons why I believe there is a God. Because I know, someday, I will hug my daddy again. Not in this human life, but a life ever after. One with no end...no goodbyes.

God Bless sweet girl. I know you are as beautiful an angel as you were in life.