Yankee Belle


Wrong Party City.

After school today, Big B, lil C & I headed over to Old Navy. I despise shopping with kids. I wont even vent my frustrations. Nothing.good.to.say.

Afterwards, Big B asked where we were going next. I told her Party City to pick up some stuff for lil C's quickly approaching 1st birthday. *sigh* Big B responded with great enthusiasm:

"We are going to NEW YORK CITY?!?!"

Evidently, my 4 1/2 yo already knows the place to be when it comes to a party. (Auntie Nancy Altaz better start preparing the guest room. I think she will have permanent company one day.)

We pulled into a less than exciting Party City parking lot in the 'Ham. Big B, in an attempt to make this trip a little more eventful, asked if she could at least buy a surprise for herself.

Serenity now.



Anonymous said...

tell big B i'm with her on her "party city" i'm so ready to go back to the big apple!
oh and stacy this is amy and yes i read your blog too! :o
love it! can't believe your little man is already turning 1 WOW!!
~amy loboda